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The Family Story

of the Lausanne GuestHouse began in 1997 with the search for a building adapted to the ideas and the business-plan of the Elmiger brothers and sisters (Christian, Anne-Marie et Jodoc). The project matured and developed over a 3 year period before the actual construction work, renovation and transformation began. This took another year, during which Laura joined the family. Finally, on 3rd August 2001, the “Lausanne GuestHouse & Backpacker” opened in its present location.

Our ambition

is to satisfy a demanding clientele with high standards of service, cleanliness and professionalism, offering the best value for money, while insuring the viability and permanence of our business entreprise. At the same time, we try to promote a dynamic and economically attractive image of tourism in the Lausanne region as well as in the rest of Switzerland.


we support socially responsible employment standards. The working conditions and salaries we offer are therefore much better than average. Our employees enjoy a large degree of job security. We do not employ undeclared personnel, people without work permits or illegal immigrants. The core of our cleaning staff has not changed since 2001!
Ecology (see the “Ecology” tab) is also our concern: we bear the Minergie quality label, observe a strict policy of waste separation and support public transport (95% of our clientele) through our proximity to the Lausanne train station.


Athletissima - August 25th 2016

Athlétissima is a world-famous international athletics meeting that has been taking place since 1977 and brings together the world’s best athletes for events such as the 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1,500m, 5,000m, 100m and 400m hurdles, triple jump, long jump, pole vault, high jump and javelin. For more information check the website http://lausanne.diamondleague.com/home/

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Le 26 août 2016 : 20ème Nuit des chauves-souris !

Approfondissez vos connaissances sur les chauves-souris lors de cet événement organisé en collaboration avec l’association CCO-Vaud, centre pour l’étude et la protection des chauves-souris Les artistes en herbe pourront faire un petit bricolage et participer à divers jeux captivants. N’oubliez pas vos lampes de poche et des habits adaptés à la météo. (source : www.lausanne.ch)

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Lausanne Greeters

Your personalized & authentic free tour with a local resident. Live a unique travel experience : meet a friendly local, go on a free walking tour off-the-beaten tracks and feel like you belong here ! More on http://www.lausannegreeters.com/version-franaise/#page-1

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