Travelers Wifi - Unlimited Internet in Lausanne and throughout Switzerland 03/01/17

Traveler‘s WiFi – Unlimited 4G Data 

Mobile Internet throughout Switzerland: these handy Pocket Wifi hotspots are available at Lausanne Guesthouse & Backpacker.

Want to send a selfie by the Lake Geneva? Or Skype with your family while walking thru the Lausanne city? Or watch the latest netflix movie before you go to bed?This is all possible with the pocket Wifi device from Travelers Wifi. It provides unlimited 4G/LTE Internet – without any data or speed restrictions – without any roaming fees!

Book this device at our guesthouse reception:

Sample rates Days of use Price 

3 days CHF 39.90 

7 days CHF 64.90 

10 days CHF 83.40 

15 days CHF 129.90

The pocket Wifi device is easy to use: with just one click you can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously and use the unlimited data connection up to six hours (battery life). For the return: you can either hand it in directly to the staff at Lausanne Guesthouse & backpacker, or place it in the stamped addressed envelope provided and take it to a Swiss Post Office or drop it into any Swiss mailbox.